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My Baby Memories Box

My Baby Memories Box

₪469.90 Regular Price
328.93 ₪Sale Price


My memories box in the new edition includes:

1. A strong and high-quality natural wooden box with a removable lid measuring 25×32×10.4 with the engraving of the baby's birth certificate.

2. Book of memories in Hebrew / English according to choice.

3. Matching cotton backpack in natural color size 36×40.

4. Ink pad to stamp the baby's hands and feet.

5. A pack of 100 matching stickers in Hebrew / English according to the book selection.

6. Pack of 3 sheets of corner stickers (black, white, craft)

7. 3 pieces of "washi tape" rolls.

8. A large cloth bag to store the baby's things as a memory (newborn clothes, hat, socks, diaper, diaper and more...)

9. A medium cloth bag for storing the baby's souvenirs (pacifier, first shoes, teether, hospital bracelet and more...)

10. A small cloth bag to store hair from the first haircut.

11. A natural wood box for storing the first milk teeth that fell out.

*The wooden case will be sent in a large and fancy "La Famille" box.

*You can add to the basket additional products from the store that will be attached to the box (dolls, teethers, jewelry and more...must be written in the comments - attach to the box).


The STORY OF MY LIFE memory book (my first years) is a travel diary that accompanies the baby and the family from the first moment in the womb to the 6th birthday celebrations!

A guide book that is a perfect time capsule of the most precious moments! In the book you can record in writing and in pictures all the important and exciting memories during pregnancy, birth and life after.

The book is suitable for all types of families and for any religion!

what's in the book

The discovery of the pregnancy

the course of pregnancy

The first ultrasound

Details about the parents

Details about the family and pets

family tree

Finding the gender of the fetus

A birth certificate

The birth story

The postpartum party

Monthly summary throughout the first year

Developmental monitoring in the first year

Milestones and achievements in the first year

hand and foot prints

the arrival home

The first bath

the first days

The first smile

The first trip

What happened the year you were born?

The first departure from home

Holidays and events

My teeth (erupting and falling out)

First time at sea

Your first tastes

Your first full night

A lullaby we sang to you

Your doodles and drawings

The first haircut

Changing habits (weaning from a pacifier, moving to a portable bed, etc.)

educational frameworks

Celebrations and your favorites over the years

And lots of room for photos!


The book is written in Hebrew / English and is designed in a clean and minimalistic way, accessible and easy to use.

The book has 100 pages of thick, high-quality paper bound in a book cover plus a satin ribbon closure for maximum comfort.

Book size: 26×20.

Weight including packaging: 2.200 kilograms.


*Business Customers? Want to sell the product at your business? Buying wholesale? Contact 054-5759750*

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